Thursday, 20 October 2016

5th addition

After the Safe arrival of baby Elijah I had to add another heart to my bro and sister in law's quilt. Hopefully be last one! But they keep saying that! Another beautiful smiley baby boy.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Elijah Quilt

Time for another baby cot quilt. I made it to fit a cot this time...accurately! I saw this design on Pinterest for a baby boy blanket. The nursery for my nephew number 4 is grey - elephant grey! I chose greys and blues for the quilt to match the colour palette of the room. I also used the quilting method to stitch around each square. This is a first for me and again something I saw on Pinterest quilting detail. It looked straight forward enough for my simple skills. I stitched the front with the batting but not the back as I don't like seeing the stitching all the way through the quilt but understand the need to sew in place the batting. I like the final outcome, it should fit baby until he's about 12 years old! the fabric for the binding is moda in midnight blue.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Change of Direction

After spending countless hours of my life over the last few months scrolling through Pinterest posts on up-cycling and shabby chic painting projects of old furniture I felt rather confident at giving it a go.
Our newly decorating Period style living room needed something of a cabinet/display unit for one of the alcoves. A new modern wood unit would not suit, plus I didn't want a unit so tall that I couldn't enjoy the beautiful Laura Ashley bird wall paper. On the Gumtree hunt I found a 1930's style china cabinet with glass shelves. Perfect length, height and depth for the alcove.
It was the usual dark, stained, heavily varnished wood you'd expect of the era, with a simple scalloped edge to the glass doors.
The internet say use Annie Sloane paint, its amazing and just the job. I read up on it, watched a number of Youtube videos of people using the paint and how to apply it etc. I chose old white chalk paint.
It does not do what it says on the tin. It took three coats and it still wasn't a top paint finish. Then I waxed over the top as suggested by Annie Sloane - it takes some of the paint off. So the finish of the unit is definitely more shabby than chic. I took off the back board of the unit and cut out the silky type fabric usually lining these style cabinets. I used off cuts of wall paper to cover it to match the wall it would be stood against.
Overall I like the unit and the colour. I am pleased with the result but to be honest next time I would sand, prime, paint and varnish. 

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Classroom cushions

I have a new class in August, P1! I am so excited to start this new adventure. So as part of my story corner I am going to create I made 4 cushions. I used fabrics from my stash that I have been waiting to use for ages but had no reason. So here they are. My favourite is the blue pirate fabric with the bright pink back which matches the pink of the pirate fabric. 

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Baby Ellis crib Blanket

I used the left over fabric from Ewen's quilt to make a disappearing nine patch crib blanket and a sookie tag blanket. I used fleece for the back of the sookie blanket this time mainly because I had ran out of terry towelling.

I do like the disappearing nine patch design as it is quite versatile in the combinations that you can make with it.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Baby Ewen Quilt

Here is the latest addition to the babies' quilts corner. I had one of the robots fabric already and after a sneaky visit to the local Aladdin's cave of fabric Letham Crafts in Angus, I found a coordinating robots fat quarter and some coordinating spotty fabric. The red bias binding was left over from the epic bro and sister in law quilt. I am glad I made such a large amount of binding in one go as I've not had to make any more for about a year! I managed to make three items from 3 fat quarters. a quilt, changing mat and a sookie blanket.

Baby Ewen seemed to like lying on it and then puked, so it must be good!!!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Using up Scraps

During what feels like the hottest day on record here, I decided to stay in the cool of the kitchen and do some sewing! I wanted to make use of the fabric scraps I have in abundance. My sister in law asked me to make a terry towelled cover/mat for the baby changing mat. I had made 2 or 3 and today thought I would sharpen up the design.

I made two roll up changing mats to put in a baby change bag. I used bamboo terry towelling for the back as it is really soft and will feel warm when baby is on it. I also added tabs with poppers on so the mats do not unravel in the bag. They are compact enough to fold/roll really flat yet big enough for baby. I used left over fabrics which are bright and cheerful.

Monday, 21 July 2014

2 Fat Quarters

I bought this delightful fabric in Barcelona last July. The blues and greys with a hint of citrus green are the colour tones for our new living room. I used the two fat quarters to make new coasters, using a simple design and three rows of top stitching to create a bumped effect.
The cushion uses a new trick for me - pleats! There are not all perfect but I like the overall outcome. I had some grey spotty crochet trimmed binding lying around too so used this to edge the start of the pleats and the edge of the envelope opening on the back.
And the last of the fabric I used to make a diary cover for work. No one will mistake their diary for mine now! Again I used the grey binding as a page finder.

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Eadie Quilt

My niece who has recently turned 7, told me she wanted a quilt as I had made one for each of her younger siblings and she hasn't had one. We went to the craft shop together and she chose all her own fabric. It had to be flannelette didn't it? She likes this fabric as its cosy and soft. I don't really like sewing with it as it frays very easily.
After some discussion with my 7 year old niece we settled on a pattern and here it is. I do like it and she loves it! It keeps the heat it she says!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Baby Ruairidh pram quilt

This was a quick turn around project. I've recently moved house and not had any time to set up my sewing machine, then when I did the needles kept breaking oh what a palava! I only had a few pieces of fabric left over to make the quilt. I also learned a new technique to use up left over pieces of bamboo wadding. I don't like throwing pieces away as it's rather expensive. Now I've found a way to use them all up!
I also made a comforter blankee as all littlens love those! I used bamboo terry towelling for the back of the blankee, as its soft and comfy.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Baby Jude Quilt

I decided to use the same design as Baby Autumn's quilt, with the L shapes around a picture square. I thankfully found enough of the jungle animals fabric to complete the project as it is no longer made. It's a shame as it is fabulous and I'd make plenty more quilts if I could get my hands on the fabric.

I also chose stripy fabric for the back - just like Autumn's. I think though I'll have a fight with her over who actually gets this quilt as I know Autumn will love it.

Bro and Sis in Law - Anniversary Quilt

My brother and his wife celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary this month so I had the idea to make a quilt for them. It was hard choosing colours as even though I've known my sister in law for 10 years I couldn't tell you what her favourite colour is! Plus my brother is colour blind so there is no point asking him.

So I found a pattern I liked and decided to choose red, duck egg blue and neutrals as colours. I know she likes those. I got  Moda Winter's Lane jelly roll and charm pack. It has an awesome patterning with birds and snow and leaves.

It is roughly King size now its finished, I used a ready bought sheet to back it with and used a Moda red solid to bind it together. Finishing touches include buttons to tie it together and love hearts with embroidered writing to show key events in my brother and his wife's last 10 years together. It also has an empty square waiting for one more love heart event - baby number 4, due in December. so my work isn't over yet. Speaking of which I've made a baby quilt too. See next post.

I love it. I'm so proud of it, here's hoping they like it!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Nearly a year has passed!

I cannot believe its nearly a year ago since my last post! I have been busy sewing too but working full time and decorating and refurbishing the kitchen has pushed my sewing to the side. But with the Angus Show entries to complete I picked up the pace with my pals at sewing club and we got all our entries done and dusted ready for 8th June.
First up, my patchwork article. I wanted to combine applique with hand patched pieces to show off my hand stitching too.

My mum had a flower cushion panel which I cut up and used for the banner across the bottom and the flower heads. I used chain and blanket stitching for the flowers and pot as well as buttons. I even sewed in a zip! the back is a basic log cabin variation.

 Needless to say I did not win anything for my patchwork article. I was quite annoyed for my mum and pal Val, who had worked so hard on their items and didn't win either. The winning article was worthy but not second and third. :)

Next up - knee blanket. I used pink patches I had lying around and made up a basic patch front with a border, and a plain pink back.  It has no binding and I double hemmed it instead and tied it together with buttons. I wasn't actually impressed with my result but I submitted it and low and behold I got second place! Third item as a placemat in any craft so I used the reverse applique method which is new to me too. It was a total faff and I won't be trying it again, also the first attempt was ruined as I washed it once it was complete and the dark blue colours ran. So Friday evening before the show I was up til midnight finishing my second attempt with the grateful help of my mum who sewed the writing on. I never got an award for it after all that! 


last up, my favourite item, I made a gardening apron using some fabulous appropriate fabric with wellies and watering cans on. The category was the best use of 1 m of fabric. Now I had some heated discussions regarding this category because some people used the full width of a fabric and 1 metre in length when in fact the full width of a fabric is 147cm which is too much. Hence I stuck accurately to the brief and only managed to get this one item when I got to the show, the other entries had a plethora of items from the same supposed 1 metre. I was not impressed by the judges results as the winner had about 6 items from the same 1 metre.  
Mine was true to the rules. I got a third for it which I was happy with I suppose!